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Valily's Crafts

To realise her creations, Valily shows imagination, creativity and determination because sewing is a very demanding activity which requires patience.

Her ideas come to life with her inspiration and she uses her know-how and attention to detail to create high quality pieces.

She does most of her work using traditional methods: using a sewing machine and a serger and by hand with thread and needle for the finishing touches.

All the items on offer are designed and made by Valily in her couture workshop in Linkebeek.

Valily is her nickname since childhood. It evokes the enthusiasm she has always had, for artistic creation and crafts.


Inspired by her talented mother and her wonderful grandma, she began to sew as a self-taught, determined and passionate, stimulated and encouraged by her three children.


Today, fabrics from around the corner and around the world color her life and inspire her many projects.

"There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in."

Graham Greene
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